In the expanse of unchanging basic primordial reality, he appeared to the human beings through his three enlightened bodies.

The mind re-emanation of Guru Padma Sambhava, great noble being Pema Wandak Tsal.

The Sixth Dragmar Tulku, Pema Jigme Wandrag Thutob Gonpo, or THupten Dongag Nawei Senge is the joint emination of the three classes of Bodhisattvas, Nubchen Sangye Yeshe, one of 25 deciples of Guru Padma Sambhava, Terton Sangye Lingpa. He was born to Mr Kharsar Gyume and Mrs Rinchen Tso in 1975, Wood Hare Royal Year.

At young age, he possessed extraordinary qualities. His father approached Minling Trichen Rinpoche to give him a name at which Rinpoche affectionately and happily named Sherab Palbar. Rinpoche also presented a scarf and other religious objects from which one could assume that Rinpoche understood him to be a special being.

At the age of six, he studied in a Tibetan Primary School, His Holiness Penor Rinpoche , the leader of Nyingma Tradition as well as His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche, the heir of Guru Padmasambava recognized him as an authentic incarnation of the fifth Dragmar Tulku, Pema Wangchen and gave him the name Pema Jigme Wangdak Thutob Gonpo, When he reached the age of nine, he went to Namdroling Monastery, the second seat of the Palyul Lineage based in Bylakuppe Tibetan Settlement, South India. There he relied upon His Holiness Penor Rinpoche as a root guru, Who is also an emanastion of The Great Vajaryana, Indian Master Pandit Vimalmitra, looked after him with great care and affrection.

At ten, Penor Rinpoche formally enthroned him with great grandur. Under Rinpoche’s guidance, he received the basic educaion of reading and writing.Everybody praised him for his intelligence. At fourteen , he received the novice vow from Penor Rinpoche and also the name Thupten Dongag Mavi Senge. At this time, he enrolled in the Ngagyur Nyingma Institue , the prestigious religious college of Namdrolling monastery and for nine years, under many excellent teachers,he studied the sutra and tantra teachings as well as common traditional studies like Tibetan Language, poetry, political history, and religious history of Tibet. Thus he filled his mind with treasures of the scriptural knowledge and also the Buddhist practice. Especially , he studied the writings of Longchenpa, Rongzompa, and Mipham Rinpoche with great detail, thus becoming an illuminator of Nyingma Doctrine and earning appreciation from many eminent scholars of the institute.

At twenty-four,he received full ordination from H.H. Penor Rinpoche . Rinpoche always showered love and affection to him and considered him to be his only heart son and praised him for many times. Keeping in viewing of his vast and profound scriptural knowledge , he was appointed as a Chyorpon, a teacher of revision at the institute and subsequently became a Lopon (acharya). At age of 25, he finished all the studies in Nyagur Nyingma insititute and became Khentrul. (Khen means Khenpo (Buddhist Proffessor and Tru means Tulku (reincarnation of great lamas )
In essence, he served Penor Rinpoche, his root guru, iwht three kinds of pleasing actions. and reached the status of the lineage holder of the vidyadharas who holds the three vows by practicing outer pratimoksha vows , inner bodhisattva precepts , as well as secret vajrayana vows simultaneously. He has also recievied many teachings from different great masters like H.H. The 14th Dalia Lama, H.H. Sakya TrizenRinpoche, H.H. Taling Tsentrul Rinpoche, H.H. Jhada Rinpoche,Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok and Nyushe Khen Rinpoche, etc.

In addition to these , he also received many teachings such as Ngondro (foundation of Vajrayana buddhist practice) Tsalung (The Vajrayana Maha and Anu Yoga practices) and Dzogchen (The highest Vajrayana great perfection of Ati yoga practices) according to Namcho Cycle,(by Terton Mingur Dorjee) Nyingtik Cycle (by Terton Longchen Pa and Jikme Ling Pa,) and Gondue Cycle (by Terton Sangjay Ling Pa) He also got the Nyingma Tradition of Rinchen Terzo empowerment twice from H.H Penor Rinpoche, Nyigthig Yabshi, (Four Heart Essences) Kama teachings, Gondue Texts (Gathering of Intentions, Namcho Cycle, Ratna Lingpa’s, treasure teachings, Kalachakra, Mayajala, Duepa Dho( Sutra that Gathers All Intentions) and so on.

In 2002, he went to Bodhi Gaya, Bhutan and Sikkim for pilgrimage and to look for many Masters. He also met H.H Dodrubchen Rinpoche and received some important teachings. In addition H.H Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche and many other great masters of all the four Lineage bestowed many different empowerments and oral transmission of Sutra and Tantra teachings to him. He is trying his best to benefit all sentient beings through the Bhuddha Dharma teachings. He has traveled abroad and gave instructions to many Dharma students on Sutra and Tantra teaching, especially Tsalung Yoga practices.

At the present, he is a Senior Khentulku and teacher in Nyingma University. Particularly, he is taking care of Palyul Dragmar Wangchen Monasteries in both Tibet and India. Currently he is establishing (Dragmar Wangchen Ling Monastery) a Buddhist school with retreat center in Derhadun area( North India) for international students from all over the wold.




Guru Padma Sambhava的精神重現,偉大的Pema Wandak Tsal。

The Sixth Dragmar Tulku,Pema Jigme Wandrag Thutob Gonpo,或THupten Dongag Nawei Senge是三個菩薩,Nubchen Sangye Yeshe,Guru Padma Sambhava,Terton Sangye Lingpa的25個十分之一的聯合終結。他於1975年出生,父親Kharsar Gyume先生和母親Rinchen Tso女士,佛年Wood Hare Royal Year。

年輕時,他擁有非凡的品質。他的父親找到了Minling Trichen仁波切,給了他一個名字,仁波切親切而愉快地命名為Sherab Palbar。仁波切還贈送了一條圍巾和其他宗教物品,人們可以認為仁波切認為他是一個特殊的存在。

六歲時,他在一所藏族小學,神聖的Penor仁波切,寧瑪傳統的領袖以及尊者Dudjom仁波切學習,他是Guru Padmasambava的繼承人,認為他是第五個Dragmar Tulku,Pema的真實化身。王辰給了他名字Pema Jigme Wangdak Thutob Gonpo,當他九歲時,他去了Namdroling寺院,這是位於印度南部Bylakuppe Tibet Settlement的Palyul Lineage的第二個座位。在那裡,他依靠尊者Penor仁波切作為導師,也是偉大的瓦哈利亞娜,印度大師潘迪特Vimalmitra的散發,他非常小心翼翼地照顧他。

十歲的時候,Penor仁波切正式將他與偉大的祖先交織在一起。在仁波切的指導下,他接受了閱讀和寫作的基礎教育。每個人都稱讚他的智慧。十四歲時,他收到了Penor仁波切的新手誓言,以及Thupten Dongag Mavi Senge這個名字。此時,他就讀於Namdrolling修道院著名的宗教學院Ngagyur Nyingma Institue,並在許多優秀教師的指導下,他研究了佛經和密宗教義以及藏語,詩歌,政治史等常見傳統研究。和西藏的宗教史。因此,他充滿了聖經知識和佛教修行的寶藏。特別是,他詳細研究了龍辰巴,榮茲帕和米帕姆仁波切的著作,從而成為寧瑪主義的啟蒙者,並得到了該研究所眾多知名學者的讚賞。

二十四歲時,他接受了H.H. Penor仁波切的全職祝聖。仁波切總是向他表達愛和感情,並認為他是他唯一的兒子並多次稱讚他。他繼續觀看他豐富而深刻的聖經知識,被任命為Chyorpon,該學院的修訂教師,隨後成為Lopon(acharya)。 25歲時,他完成了Nyagur Nyingma insititute的所有學業,並成為Khentrul。 (Khen意為Khenpo(佛教教授和Tru意味著Tulku(偉大的喇嘛轉世)
從本質上講,他服務於他的根本大師Penor仁波切,這是三種非凡的造詣。並且達到了vidyadharas的血統持有者的地位,他們通過練習外部pratimoksha誓言,內部菩薩戒律,以及秘密金剛乘誓言同時持有三個誓言。他還收到了許多不同大師的教誨,如H.H.第十四屆達利亞喇嘛,哈薩克·塔里森仁波切,H.T。Taling Tsentrul仁波切,H.H。Jhada仁波切,Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok和Nyushe Khen Rinpoche等。

除了這些之外,他還接受了許多教義,如Ngondro(金剛乘佛教練習的基礎)Tsalung(金剛乘瑜伽和Anu瑜伽練習)和Dzogchen(最高金剛乘完美的Ati瑜伽練習),根據Namcho Cycle,(由Terton Mingur Dorjee)Nyingtik Cycle(由Terton Longchen Pa和Jikme Ling Pa飾演)和Gondue Cycle(由Terton Sangjay Ling Pa創作)他還從HH Penor仁波切,Nyigthig Yabshi兩次獲得了Nincma傳統的Rinchen Terzo賦權(四種心臟精華) )Kama教義,Gondue文本(意圖的收集,Namcho循環,Ratna Lingpa的,寶藏教導,時輪金剛,Mayajala,Duepa Dho(收集所有意圖的Sutra)等等。

2002年,他前往Bodhi Gaya,不丹和錫金朝聖,並尋找許多大師。他還會見了H.H Dodrubchen仁波切並接受了一些重要的教導。此外,H.H Taklung Tsetrul仁波切和所有四位天堂的其他許多偉大的大師賦予他許多不同的授權和口頭傳播佛經和密宗教義。他正在盡力通過Bhuddha Dharma教義使所有眾生受益。他出國旅行,並指導許多佛法學生學習佛經和密宗教學,特別是Tsalung瑜伽練習。

目前,他是寧瑪大學的高級Khentulku和老師。 特別是,他正在西藏和印度修建Palyul Dragmar Wangchen寺院。 目前,他正在德拉頓地區(印度北部)建立一個佛教學校(Dragmar Wangchen Ling Monastery),為來自世界各地的國際學生提供學習中心。